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Elderly nudist colonies

Good Video 18+ Elderly nudist colonies.

Originally posted on All Nudist: Cherie Lidbury talks about how she feels more comfortable without clothes. Okay…in the spirit of my last post i will start the Nude Seniors picture post idea that i had some time ago.

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You know the hardest thing about getting old is realizing that you are getting old. So yeah I guess to a 19 yr old, I am getting old.

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Just my 10 cents for this post. So after all these years this revelation finally hit me. All of you have been to the standard beach and as you look around you see the usual young girls in their skimpy two Elderly nudist colonies bikinis correct.

And yet when you look at the old Elderly nudist colonies fat you see this:. I never thought about it, i never even realized that yes we still discriminate against the old and the fat on the beach.

Now this is something that I could say that we as Naturist can point out and use Elderly nudist colonies to encourage people to frequent nudist and topless beaches. But there is a problem. The problem is that young people still react harshly to seeing the old and overweight in the nude or topless, and many will stop coming to nude beaches and nude resorts if they feel they have to look at old bodies all day.

Of course this is just egotism and youthful arrogance speaking, but it is a problem when we want to attract more young people to the Naturist lifestyle. For the past five years, the idea of a sports competition between the various naturist groups in Southern California has been steadily on the rise. This year, however, the day-long multi-club competition on August 8 at Olive Dell Ranch really captured the imagination of the region.

From the crowd reactions, the favorite games were the paper cup relay, the noodle race around the pool, Frisbee toss for accuracy, and the balloon toss. Welcome To Old Nudism!...

Equinox Breastfeeding Ad causes Stir. I found this article and the picture to be hilarious! Plus its a advertisement for a gym. But i thought it was funny. You know i just had a idea. We can have naturist gyms, and there you will exercise in the nude as a basic rule! Then Elderly nudist colonies something hipsters will join the gym thinking its the new hip thing to do!

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Imagine their shocked faces when they have to look 30 years into the future and see what hard work, children, and gravity does to the body! Oh yes we shall give their spoiled little butts nightmares for years to come! So help me come up with a name for this nude gym franchise. I have to admit what inspired me to write this was a post on 4chan in response Elderly nudist colonies a picture of average good-looking woman in the nude.

The said he was surprised at how ugly people look in the nude:. My first desire was to lash out at the person and chew them out for what they said.

But then i thought about it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all have a right to our opinion about what we consider to be beautiful and what we consider to be ugly. So lashing out at the guy would have been improper.

Elderly nudist colonies I could just simply state my opinion that I thought he was wrong. But what happened was I started thinking about beauty in general. So who wants to see some 80 yr old woman in the nude? Does anyone want to see a fat, 60 year old man who genitalia looks like it got lost in the blubber?

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