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Sexy shrimp for sale

xXx Galleries Sexy shrimp for sale.

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Users Viewing Thread Users: Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone is keeping Sexy Shrimp or Thor amboinensis, where you got them from and how much you paid? Trying to get a guesstimate of what to expect.

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I spoke to two shops today and funnily enough got both extreme ends of the spectrum with pricing and availability. One shop said they could only Sexy shrimp for sale them in singly with an anemone and its a pretty penny to get one.

The other said they get them in a few times a year and quoted me loose change. I showed both a photo.

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I'm aware these guys get mixed up with another kind of commensal shrimp so any advice on how best Sexy shrimp for sale go about sourcing and ordering the right ones would be appreciated! Agent MFeb 23, Along for the ride as I'd also like a couple Found a couple a year ago at Coburg Here was one of the lil fellas: JimsimFeb 24, Ouch - I don't fancy having to buy multiple anemones to get a group of them, which is what I was aiming for.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1″ to...

Agent MFeb 24, Which LFS was this Jimsim? Usually go within minutes of going up on FB though. I have a trio Funny x 4 Like x 1.

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Man, I need to stay out of these sorts of threads, it kills me at the prices you have to pay for critters. ReeferRobFeb 24, I too want some Sexy Shrimp action in my tank.

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I have my name down with a few places to get some if they become available. James PlushFeb 25, They use to around as much a peppermint shrimp when I started the hobby!

TunaBlueFeb 28, These are probably endemic to Australia on the north west side. It shows them all the way down to Timor in the Indonesian archipelago. ReeferRobMar 1, Agent MMar 1, Usually they come out of Indonesia.

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