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Bikini birthing skirts

Naked Galleries Bikini birthing skirts.

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I'll start out by saying, I'm a very modest person. I do not like to be exposed, even if it means sweating in jean pants all summer long.

Before my first birth, everyone told me "during labor you won't give a crap who sees what! I made sure to stay covered my entire labor. I made my family leave the room for every cervical check. Even during pushing I was holding my sheet up on my thighs so that only the midwife and nurses had any view of anything. This time around I am Bikini birthing skirts a homebirth and plan to birth in the water.

I am trying to think of what to wear that will be compatible with the water? I'll probably have a fitted tank top on, but what to wear for Bikini birthing skirts bottom?

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The only thing I can think of is some kind of skirt. The only problem is it needs to be loose enough that Bikini birthing skirts can spread my legs and move comfortably, Bikini birthing skirts fitted enough that it won't "float" upwards in the water a la Marilyn Monroe.

I have seen ads for that Binsi birthing skirt, but I can't find any reviews or info about how it does in the water. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with anything?? I only have another month or 2 left and just can't think of anything.

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I am using a La Bassine pool as opposed to like an AquaDoula and the La Bassine should give me a little more "coverage". I didn't like anything touching my immediate stomach area during contractions in my last labor, and I also don't know if the MW will be able Bikini birthing skirts use a doppler over the top of material??

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Then how about buying a "swim cover up skirt" that you wear at your hips, under the belly? No need for maternity sizing even; just get it in a size that fits Bikini birthing skirts the belly comfortably- which means sizing up from what you would normally wear non-pregnant.

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I am the exact same way! I had a maternity swim suit that had a matching straight, stretchy skirt that was perfect for my first two water births. Unfortunately, I don't have it anymore.

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It's not stretchy, so I don't think its as comfy, but it should work. It's kind of A line so I can get my legs pretty far apart in it, but I usually deliver leaning against the side of the tub on my knees, so I don't usually open my legs very wide anyhow. I got it at target on sale.

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Also I'll wear a bikini topespecially if my oldest son is present. Oh and Ruthla's right about sizing up, I just got a large and it fits under my belly fine! Elizabeth, mama to 4 kids and 5 chickens.

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The grateful recipient of 3 home water births, 1 being an accidental UC.: How did I not think of that?!? My doula suggested a tank top or sports bra and a sarong.