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How to seduce my brothers wife

Naked Galleries How to seduce my brothers wife.

IslamicBoard is one of the leading Islamic discussion forum for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam or simply interact with Muslims from all over the world. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Inshallah if anyone could help me out with this problem I will be very greatful. The problem is a very complicated one and is causing me a great deal of stress.

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My brother has been married for almost two years now to a very beautiful girl who is now 21 years old. Since our parents live in my home country, my brother and I are the only two of my family members here in the United States.

So we are very close. Anyways, I used to visit his house about once every week to hang out and play with my little nephew. Due to the nature of his job my brother has is gone for about a week every month due to traveling, and since he didn't want to leave his wife and baby home alone he asked me to stay with them while he is gone. I was happy to help How to seduce my brothers wife out and things were going smoothly until a few months ago.

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One day when I was at my brothers house and he was away I was writting a term paper for one of my university classes when my brothers wife tried to seduce me.

Anyways I refused her advances but she kept trying to seduce me many times after that.

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Even when she is breast feeding her baby she will expose her breasts infront of me to gage my reaction.

I told my brother that I can no longer stay at his house and he wanted to know why so I gave him a fake excuse.

But now all I can think about is what happened there at his house. The problem is that I want to tell my brother about this but I'm afraid that if I do he will divorce her and I don't want to cause that to happen.

Also, my brother really loves his wife and thinks that she can't do any wrong.

Google ads Report bad ads? My Brothers Wife well firstl i advise you not to go into the house without your brother there dont even stay in the room without your bro there infact dont talk to her unless absolutely necessary because you are not her mahram being free with her no matter how close you and your brother is, is simply not permissible.

I can't remember the full hadiths forgive me. In the first last you shouldn't be alone with the sister. I'd say don't tell your brother My Brothers Wife Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him: My Brothers Wife Alhamdulilaah. Barakallahu feek Ya Okhti.

My Brothers Wife Salaam, first of all mashallah for resisting secondly none of us are scholars so it may be wise to seek the advice of someone How to seduce my brothers wife who might have some experience in dealing with issues like this- try www.

You've done well in staying strong so far-keep it up this test won't last for ever inshallah. My Brothers Wife ok this is reverse but it may give advice for future. My Brothers Wife I think you should tell your brother the truth My Brothers Wife check your pm bro dawood. My Brothers Wife Tell him, even if you refuse her advances she will look for someone else, there is something wrong in the marriage that needs to desperetly be talked about How to seduce my brothers wife the two.

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You may well save her the crime of zina if you tell your brother now. May Allah SWT give you the strength and emaan against such a test. And remember the stroy of Yusuf as. Tell him cause if it isnt you she will go with someone else.

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Originally Posted by Khattab. Tell him, even if you refuse her advances she will look for someone else, there is something wrong in the marriage that needs to desperetly be talked about between the two. Originally Posted by Dawood. The thing is I think I had a role in this since I let myself get too close to her. Sometimes we would talk when my brother was around and also when he wasn't around.

I never thought of her in that way but I guess I should have been careful because she grew attached to me. So I don't really blame her. Also, How to seduce my brothers wife have to keep in mind that if I tell my brother he might divorce her and what kind of effect would that have on my baby nephew? My Brothers Wife Asalamu alaikum brother First off i believe you should tell your brother what happend no matter what the reaction could be because there must be trust between you and your brother and between him and his wife.

Yes, i too think that you should tell your brother. With hikmah of course. Tell him, she may have been drunk or something. It is unfair on your brother that she do something like that, and he should be warned, because if that is what she is doing to someone he trusts, what would she be doing with someone he doesnt trust?

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Keep away from her, she is a devil: Last edited by Sheikh Haroon; at My Brothers Wife a person is allowed to lie for one reason, to bring together two people for the sake of Allah. If a person hides another persons sin Allah will hide your sins on the day of judgement there is probably more blame on your brother for leaving his wife.

He should be taking his family with him if hes going to be away for a week or two. A father and husband are like shephards over their flock of sheep. My Brothers Wife Assalaamu Alaykum I can't beleive brothers and sister are advicing brother Dawood to tell his brother what happened. Can you not see these to couples are married.

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They have a kid. Brother Dawood was in the wrong by been alone with the sister. And yes shaydan was the third person temptation took place. Have mercy brothers and sister.

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Brother Dawood take this up with a shaykh Insha Allah who will give you a much more wiser answer then we are giving. May Allah forgive me for that whever wrong I said.

I think this is really...

Originally Posted by Jannah. Dawood take this up with a shaykh Insha Allah who will give you a much more wiser answer then we are giving.

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My Brothers Wife Brother you should never have beem in the same room as this sister, whenever there is a male and female in the same room Shaytan is the third person among those two. The Prophet saw did not even allow his wife Aisha ra to be alone withher own father Abu Bakr ra. Originally Posted by metsudaistwice. The Prophet saw did not even allow his wife Aisha ra to be alone withher own father AbuBakr ra.

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