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An angel amongst us, buzzkillaryhas taken these words to heart. Hillary, bless her heart, hopped on Twitter on Thursday night to share with the world an extensive PowerPoint presentation revolving around the rumors that have swirled for months about Lorde and Jack Antonoff, the producer of her album Melodrama.

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Lorde posts heartfelt apology for 'extremely poorly chosen' Instagram caption. Antonoff was until very recently dating Lena Dunham.

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Hillary brings a critical point to the conversation: People don't mess with public figures that moonlight as "home wreckers. Which means, according to Hillary, that while centering the narrative of Melodrama around a house party might have been the original intent, it's definitely not what the Grammy-nominated album ended up being about. It's all "proven" in over 20 slides jam-packed with all the information you need to come to the conclusion that they might, in fact, be together — and that they have been together since Antonoff and Lorde began working closely together on the album in There are key players you need to know before we move into American dating culture ppt download site tangible "proof.

Did you know Antonoff is from New Jersey? Then, Hillary offers up some screenshots of interviews with Lorde that paint a picture of their relationship with her own words.