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Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr

Porn Base Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr.

Imagine you and Jax arriving in your room on the night of your wedding. He turns around still in his tux, and just stares at the sight of you stripped to your lingerie. So many thoughts running Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr his head…. He found it incredibly endearing that you kept a to-do list. As soon as you had moved in together, Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr whiteboard on the fridge was the first thing you put up.

He loved that, every Sunday, you would sit pants-less and cross-legged on the floor of the kitchen, whiteboard on your lap Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr Expo marker in hand. He loved seeing your handwriting every morning when he went to grab orange juice from the fridge. He loved watching you victoriously cross off a task after you had performed it.

Sonny loved that board because it was a perfect example of the type of person you were. And Sonny loved the type of person you were. This little habit of yours, however, had grown all the more time consuming as you neared the wedding. With only two weeks before the wedding, the list had reached its maximum length. Although you were concerned about everything on the list, Sonny had taken a particular interest in task number six: His daily grin when he got his orange juice in the morning had turned into a daily smirk—sometimes a repressed one as he tried not to picture you on your wedding night, trying to rush to finish getting ready for work.

You reserved it for special occasions or random treats, and Sonny always hoped for a nice surprise. He never knew beforehand when it was going to happen, so the anticipation was what made this time so different. He had a random jolt of excited energy when he was making dinner Thursday night.

Just as Sonny finished straining the spaghetti, he placed the now-empty pot in the sink and turned to lean against the counter. His eyes traveled to the spot they now so frequently did: Confusion was the first thing that hit him. Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr he realized that you had crossed it out, his confusion deepened: When he finally registered what it meant, a mix of excitement and disappointment washed over him. It was serendipitous that you had just so happened to walk in from the gym at that moment.

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Your face lit up to see Sonny through the doorway to the kitchen; your lips spread into a smile as you closed the door and deposited your gym bag and sneakers by the closet. You leaned up to kiss Sonny as he dropped his head to reciprocate, one hand coming to cup your face for the quick peck. We sent in the first dance Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr and the processional, I went to Confession again, and I picked up the veil. Instinctively, you laid your hands over his forearms, thumbs rubbing over his warm skin.

A wave of realization hit you as you looked over your list, seeing number six crossed off. You fought off a smirk, chewing the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling. He evaded the question. You smirked, holding back laughter.

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He let out a grunt as you felt him begin to grow harder. You began to strut down the hallway, wheeling around to smile evilly at him. Originally posted by jordanzconnors.

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Y'all my mom bought me Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr for Christmas and she accidentally bought some wedding night lingerie. Rey eyed the skimpy fabric from afar, not daring to get any closer.

If you try it and hate how it looks, I will throw it away, no questions asked. There was a pause as Rey weighed her options. Either humor Rose now, saving herself hours of torment or ignore her and be pestered all night about it. She nodded her head enthusiastically.

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Rey could feel her excitement and shock through the force. Her face was lightly flushed from the exertion of getting the lingerie on.

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The deep blue, almost black color of the fabric was a stark contrast to her lightly tan skin. The corset had a satin body with a deep V of only lace covering her extra rounded pushed-up breasts. The point of the V hit where the matching lace thong began.

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Sure, since the peace treaty was signed Rey had been having proper, full meals and put on a healthy weight, but her light curves were enhanced like never before in her current get-up. Rey could feel his desire and arousal flood the force, and her confidence level spiked to a new high. In addition to a constant, entertaining, snarky commentary on everything and everyone, I can help with the following NSFW language:.

And like a case of wine. And a bulk box of mimosa kits. This sex manual is VERY highly reviewed and has beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. Add that, add that! Ease of movement, ease of removal, breathing, boobs, ass, class. So thanks, Cousin Gary, for coming through with those chickens to round out the dowry and make this special day possible. That he better not hurt his cousin or else he will find him and kill him.

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Romantic but passionate sex maybe? Aomine smut following the angst!

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I hope this is to your liking! The wedding party had ended hours ago. Thoughts of the party had immediately left your mind, however, once he had pinned you against the mattress and hovered over your form. His eyes scanned your body hungrily and his tongue slipped out to wet his slightly dry and chapped lips. They were full of love with an edge of lust; it Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr you if the wetness between your legs was any indication.

Daiki bent down and smashed his lips against yours, his tongue immediately slipping out to ease your lips apart. You obliged and parted your lips, allowing the wet muscle to slip into your mouth seeking out your own appendage. Your dress loosened around you as he tugged it down with both of his hands until it scrunched up around your ankles.

You broke the kiss to kick the dress off and allow Daiki a look at your sexy wedding-night lingerie. Your new husband licked his lips for the second time that night as his dark orbs swept across your body.

You moaned softly as your fingers tangled within his dark locks, tugging gently every time his lips touched a particularly sensitive patch of skin. Your hands found his belt and, with practiced ease, you undid his belt and unzipped his pants before unbuttoning the material and slipping your hand down his pants and boxers.

A violent shudder wracked his body once your soft touch made contact with his throbbing erection. One of his hands crept between your legs and pushed the material of your panties aside, slipping his index and middle finger past the cloth to slide between your folds and drag down to trace around your drenched slit.

A louder gasp tore from your throat when you felt him push both his fingers into your aching core. You groaned at how evil he was being before you rolled your hips up towards him. Daiki licked his lips. You knew his weakness was when you bit that plump bottom lip Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr yours.

He captured your lips in a sweet kiss, nibbling on your bottom lip while down below, his fingers pumped in and out of you while scissoring inside you and stretching your walls in preparation for something much, much bigger.

You panted and gasped at the sudden onslaught of pleasure his fingers had Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr upon you. A loud moan of pleasure pushed past your lips as his thumb found the bundle of nerves hidden between your folds.

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You groaned his name in desperation as he stroked and pressed your throbbing bud Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr add to the pleasure his other two fingers were Sexy wedding night lingerie tumblr you. His cock twitched when your walls tightened around his fingers as he continued to pump them in and out of you as you rode out your orgasm.

Once you came down from your high, he retracted his glistening digits from inside you and smirked as he brought them to his lips. A dark blush crept onto your face as you watched him take a long, languid lick from his fingers.

You gulped as you watched his tongue work his fingers until not a drop of your fluids remained on them. You bit your bottom lip and squeezed your legs together as a familiar coil started tightening in your abdomen. Once those two articles of clothing were gone, you reached up to drag your hands across his well-toned chest and abs. He laughed lowly before placing both hands on your knees and gently spreading your legs so he could fit in between them. He kissed the inside of your thigh before adjusting himself so the head of his cock prodded your entrance.

You blushed softly and looked up at him as he leaned down and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips while at the same time rolling his hips forward and slowly sliding into you, filling you to the brim with his cock. Moans and pants filled the room all through the night and into the morning as he claimed you over and over, marking you as his forever. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

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