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The World's Greatest Detective sat silently across from the Batcave's main computer, staring at the enormous monitor. The cave was devoid of light except for the glow coming from the huge, thirty foot wide screen.

The air vibrated with the low hum of working machinery, and echoes of flapping bat wings came from a distance. The Batman grunted in frustration and closed his eyes.

The last week had seen a fifty percent increase in sexual assaults in Gotham. Most of those cases were women assaulting men. Those were the statistics of the cases reported; many more are likely to have occurred due to men welcoming a lot of the advances. The Dark Knight had been looking over data, including locations and time of day of the assaults without finding a helpful common denominator.

The only clue was in each incident — a woman was assaulting a man. The Batman repositioned himself in his seat to look over the data once more, when the power to the computer abruptly shut off. Reacting immediately, Batman leapt from his chair and put his back to the screen, limiting avenues for the enemy to approach. He slowed his breathing and kept a batarang drawn. The darkness Big hip sluts the cave engulfed him, leaving no obvious trace of the culprit in view.

Bruce knew the back-up generators would start soon, as long as Big hip sluts intruder hadn't disabled them. Sure enough, after a very long minute, the screen illuminated, and the safety lights in the cave turned on. Batman noticed the black-clad figure in his peripheral Big hip sluts to the left and swiftly threw his batarang.

The figure produced a whip from behind her back and expertly knocked the batarang from the air.

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The female lunged toward The Dark Knight, arms spread. Batman quickly grasped her small wrists, but paid no attention to the legs that wrapped securely around his torso.

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The legs were warm and slender, but strong. Realizing the stalemate, Batman looked Catwoman in the eyes. Batman turned his body and slammed Catwoman into the computer screen, pushing her wrists to the wall. He Big hip sluts to shake loose the whip she held, but with no success.

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Selina giggled like a small child. I know something so much more enticing," she lunged her face Big hip sluts and her lips met his. For a moment, time did not pass for Bruce Wayne.

Catwoman's soft lips pressed against his, noticing she tasted sweet. He was suddenly very aware of her impressive chest pressing against him and her warm body writhing against his mid-section. It was a mere moment, and The Dark Knight regained his composure.

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The need to take you? To own your body? I don't want Big hip sluts be cured," she protested, trying to meet her lips to his again.

Catwoman released Batman from her leg prison and set her feet on the ground. Her body moved slowly and flowingly, her curves accentuated in every motion. Batman slowly eased his grip on the leather-clad seductress and when she made no sudden movements, he stepped away. Catwoman, pressed the sides of her costume, which looked quite pleasing to Batman, but he quickly pushed the thought away.

Catwoman lashed her whip towards The Dark Knight and it wrapped around his left hand. Before he could reach for the knife in his belt, she ran to him, grasping his right hand. She twisted it so Batman had no choice but to turn his back. Catwoman tied him up securely, his hands now bound behind him. Batman gritted his teeth, angry with himself. Big hip sluts turned him around to face her, quite happy with herself.

The seductress pushed the Batman into the swivel chair by the computer, and ran her hands down his muscular chest. Bruce only stared daggers at her through his cowl.

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Catwoman groped at Batman's penis through his suit. He made no indication it fazed him at all. He continued to stare at her with malice. I promise Big hip sluts Batman, by night's end, I will make you come around. I will make you ache for my body. You won't be able to think of me without getting hard.

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That is my Big hip sluts the last word was a whisper in Bruce's ear. Selina's only response was a coy smile. Catwoman withdrew from his lap and stood two feet away from him. Selina slowly ran her hands up her body, tracing the curves from her thighs, all the way to her Big hip sluts bosom.

She grabbed the zipper at her neck and slowly pulled it down, revealing more pale flesh as it descended. Her cleavage became visible, formed perfectly between her large breasts and they jiggled slightly as she pushed the zipper over them.

She finally stopped when Batman could see her navel. Batman wondered for a moment if her breasts would pop out from their ample size, but quickly dismissed the thought.

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Big hip sluts simply smiled and sat on his lap again. Batman looked directly in her eyes, not breaking contact with them. Catwoman forced his face into her cleavage, laughing as she did. Batman felt her warm globes push against his face. They were soft and it felt wonderful against his skin.

He tried his best to keep his emotions in check, but he felt himself warming. It would be hard for Selina not to notice. He had to get her off him. He did his best to pull Big hip sluts, and after a moment of struggling, he gasped. The chest Big hip sluts trying to cling to Bruce's face abruptly stopped, and Selina looked down at him with her beautiful eyes. The Batman gritted his teeth, not wanting this to go further, but he had to get her off his lap before Batman did not want to admit it, but he began to notice how her leather costume clung to her body, showcasing her impressive figure.

Selina's body was tight, and slim. But her hips were wide to accommodate her pear shaped butt, and her chest jutted out from her body impressively. These were all things he had to stop noticing.

Don't you think anything until I say so," the woman said sternly. Selina pushed her breasts together teasing their release, but not quite allowing them to be free. She covered her breasts with one arm as she peeled of the left sleeve of her cat suit.

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