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The best way to shave your penis

xXx Photo Galleries The best way to shave your penis.
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Welcome to the dawning of a new grooming age. One where the modern gent takes pride in shaving his balls without succumbing to the public ridicule of coming off as less manly.

A study conducted between two public universities in the U. Those numbers should sway you to perform some sort of deforestation. Still on the fence? The groin area harbors bacteria and yeast that can spread across the body when performing other manscaping duties using the same tools. Even the slightest laceration can result in that bacteria getting inside and leading to potential cases of abscesses, cellulitis, and Fournier gangrene: Feel your scrotum and shaft for a second.

Notice the several skin folds and grooves? The sensitivity of both areas makes them susceptible to cuts. So play nice down there. Any good shave starts with providing a smooth cutting surface. Be sure to use your non-cutting hand to pull the skin back tight.

So tug that sack.

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Maintaining a steady hand is vital for shaving your balls successfully as well. You might want to take a razor to the face first, so calm those nerves and practice precise strokes. This should build confidence when venturing down under. Shave in The best way to shave your penis direction of your hair and not against it, for this will stave off irritation and any post-shave stubble. Lastly, take the proper steps to implement a cleaning procedure such as wiping down your grooming tool of choice with rubbing alcohol.

Wash your hands too before proceeding. Common sense tells you at this point to never shave any body part under dry conditions. Hopping in the shower is the most effective way to soften crotch fur, for it will stimulate every lingering pube and allow for a smoother pass of the blade.

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The following three products fit the bill. The dense cushioning of its texture will deliver better razor glide and protect skin as well.

Why should you shave your...

A pre-shave cream carries much of the same qualities as a pre-shave oil. Both improve razor glide, pre-condition skin, and soften hair. The only reason difference lies in protection, as a pre-shave cream offers more cushioning to decrease the risk of nicks.

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Besides its translucent appearance, many come loaded with healing and moisturizing properties. No well-groomed gent enters the jungle without the necessary equipment to tame a hairy beast. Some guys prefer a razor blade over a body trimmer for the specific area and some may even prefer an electric shaver.

Others favor the more old-fashioned way of using scissors. All these instruments complement each other when nipping hair off your balls.

Benefits of Shaving Your Genitals

Just really depends on how close of a shave or trim you desire. Hair growth patterns are genetic and some guys The best way to shave your penis experience it near the base or lower shaft of their magic stick. Shaving this form of pubic hair is a short-term quick fix. Also, refrain from using any wax hair removal system because it can cause serious damage to your penis skin. Imagine your nut sack is your chin, only with a full-grown beard.

Investing in one of these is a must. Guys with a bushy sack require the hardware to shorten their way through the weeds for a more intimate cut. The market has a variety of options available, some with multi-purpose features that come in handy for other manscaping needs.