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I decided to blog about our afternoon in real time. The Offenders who were with me—Anderson, Anson and Emmie—have also promised to post their own blogs in the near future with additional photos, of course.

Offender Emmie called to say she is on her way so that this does not turn into just a sausage fest. He says people come here and hang out all day Hustler topless garden grove it looks that way. People hanging out playing Chinese chess and keno. FYI, this is where we are see video below. And free all-you-can-drink tea.

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Hustler topless garden grove Talking Offenders business with my peeps. Looking at new mock-up of changes we might make to our site. Finally the truth comes out: Anderson wants to make a correction. Well, excuse my cultural ignorance. When Emmie gets here, I think she will be the only woman in the place that is not a waitress.

Oops, only one white guy. Anson on the waitresses: Average bust size is Cs or Ds.

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Anson agrees the coffee is great. Anson got back this week from two months in Thailand. I ask him if he hooked up with any lady boys while out there. The owner went out to lunch. The sausage fest portion of the afternoon officially ends.

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Emmie complains the women are wearing too much clothing. The girl wants to see more skin. Anderson says they wear less clothing in the evening.

Emmie wants to see that or she will be disappointed.

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Took a lunch break and now here at Cafe Temptation. X how much these places pull in a month. Emmie proclaims the girls here are pretty and more scantily clad than the other place which is a plus. She wants more ass cheek showing. Emmie talked to one of the waitresses. She said she was a student and Hustler topless garden grove been working on and off at these coffee houses for the past two years.

Come on, we need some dirt. Check out the Cafe Temptation Facebook page. Diana, one of the waitresses the cutie Anderson is chatting upis really friendly.

She said she was wary at first, but it ended up being nothing like she expected. Is this good or bad? Anson talks about theory that Vietnamese girls have biggest boobs of all Asians.

Anderson, our token Vietnamese Offender, thinks this is true. Emmie asks us if we like big boobs on women?

Heading over to one more place before we call it a day. Meanwhile, Anderson is served one final drink:.

Now at Cafe Miss Cutie. All the waitresses here in bikinis—the most scantily-clad waitresses so far. But Emmie is a happy camper. She also likes the name—Cafe Miss Cutie. Debating which of the three places everyone prefers. I refuse to choose.

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X tells us there used to be many of these coffee houses in San Jose but they closed down because of gang shootings. There are few of these places anywhere else except in Orange County. These coffee places do not exist in Vietnam.

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These are distinctly Vietnamese American establishments according to Mr. The first one opened years ago. Does anyone know how and why they started? Emmie says the bathrooms are ghetto.

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She says there are stripper shoes in the restroom. We are sending Emmie in with the camera to take photos. Had a fun afternoon. X for being our guide into this brave, new world. You must be logged in to post a comment.

I have to seriously cut down on caffeine while pregnant, and Vietnamese coffee is my favorite! I even brew my own at home. But I can not until late in the summer. I wonder if these establishments ever hire white girls. Pre pregnancy, I was 34H No surgery. And I have a habit of getting a thinner after each baby, while still retaining my boobage.

This makes my husband VERY happy. Every little bit of money helps, right? Hi Juliet, these coffee shops are predominantly Vietnamese girls but there are one or two shops now that are employing non-Asians, mostly white and latinas according to Mr Hustler topless garden grove.

Justin, to answer your question: I Hustler topless garden grove they put something special into the coffee.

Saturday, 25 April 2018

I will have to disagree with Anson and Anderson. I can believe the augmented tits but what did they do for height?

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Had their legs pulled out of their sockets? My ex-wife opened up Hustler topless garden grove coffee shop on Bolsa inand she was NOT the first one……. I am dating one of the girls at Starz cafe now Hustler topless garden grove 2 months, i respect them for how their earning their money which in this economic weather who can blame them. They are much cleaner than strippers, just normal girls. Hey, there are two white guys here! Anderson looking for the owner.

Emmie went to the wrong place. When Emmie arrives, will hit up another place close by. Heading to next location. Here we are blogging at Cafe Temptation: The girls here are pretty hot! Emmie is chatting up another waitress. He is the man! One of the waitresses prepping coffee in the back: Meanwhile, Anderson is served one final drink: Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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