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Ideas for 6 month anniversary for girlfriend

New xXx Video Ideas for 6 month anniversary for girlfriend.

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Thread starter GraveHorizon Start date Aug 26, Status Not open for further replies. GraveHorizon poop meter feature creep Aug 26, In a couple weeks it will be the 6 month anniversary of being in a relationship with my girlfriend.

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She told me 6 months is important to her, and expects something romantic. I'm not a romantic person, so my idea pool is pretty empty.

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Does anybody have some romantic ideas for a date? Here are a few details of the situation: The last 3 things are very common for her.

I already bought her a ring with dolphins on it several months ago, and that didn't turn out very well the ring sucked so I'm kind of soured on that idea. Adopt a sea creature: I have never used this service and you might have to do your own research to maybe find something better in your region.

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Go to Red Lobster, visit an aquarium, and then go see a movie. Liamario Member Aug 26, Tell her that 6 months is not important and if she insists that it is, you'll pay for her to see a psychologist as a 6 month gift. Depends where you live, but a night-time picnic can be fun.

Death Metalist Member Aug 26, Take her out to a nice dinner someplace where there is an arcade shop nearby so you could visit there after eating. Buy her The Little Mermaid on bluray and open it Ideas for 6 month anniversary for girlfriend place these inside the bluray and after that gift wrap the film of course.

I recommend giving her the present after dinner, In the arcade shop perhaps. After that either go to a Cinema or head home to watch a movie or have sex and cuddle. You can't have a memorable anniversary without spending dough, bro. You have to spend otherwise we won't be having pictures like this circling the internet.

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Harlock Member Aug 26, Buy a cheap flower and save the money for games. The Culture Vulture Member Aug 26, Don't come up with anything too exciting or the pressure will really be on for the one year.

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Ian Member Aug 26, McDonald's followed by a rearing behind the bins. Zakalwe Banned Aug 26, Bah Humbug or something. Browny Banned Aug 26, A nice dinner out should do the trick.

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Gifts are for proper occasions. JBourne maybe tomorrow it rains Aug 26, Get out of there, man.

Loomba Member Aug 26, CryptiK Member Aug 26, Agkel Member Aug 26, Firo Member Aug 26, Not too sure if it applies to your girlfriend but doing something cheesy, I think, is really fun! Try making a meal for the two of you that night.

If you don't know how to cook, then it's great for you to learn and it shows that you put the effort into it. I think having a homemade meal with your significant other is much more romantic than spending money at an expensive restaurant.

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Another idea is maybe you two can cook together and laugh with each other if it fails and just get take out and watch movies. It's not much but maybe something simple like that along with a night stroll or visiting a dog park during the day?

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Shaanyboi Banned Aug 26, MarkMclovin Member Aug 26, Jesus Christ, kids these days. You could find out what type of chick she is by doing something nice, but not overboard.

Aquariam sounds like a cool idea, then go see a movie. That's a normal date night with the fish thrown in. If she complains later on, move on.

Samara Member Aug 26, I expecta gift from you, is something I've said to my bf when I felt he doesnt suprise me anymore. Or maybe make some ceramic plate of her with seashells, mirror and paint. Discusguy Member Aug 26, Bishop89 Member Aug 26, Are you in high school? Depending on the age, lasting 6 months can be a big thing to some people. Moff Member Aug 26, Im going to have to agree with batman.